Citronille Babies Patterns


Citronille Pattern pattern N°2 BB, Overall Maxime


11,00 €

Ages : 3 mths, 6 mths, 12/18 mths and 2 yrs

Long or short dungarees.
In order to make this pattern, the length (for 1.40 m width fabric) for each size ( in brackets ) and other requirements are as follows:
3 mths (0m60 or 0m45), 6 mths (0m65 or 0m45), 12/18 mths (0m75 or 0m50), 2 yrs (0m80 or 0m50), 2 16mm buttons, 6(4) 12mm buttons , 40cm of 10mm elastic for the short version.

Per pattern